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Custom Plots, Custom Homes

Custom plots for luxury home development

Profile of Star Properties

Star Properties is a Luxury Property Development at Lakeside City community #8, Accra Ghana. It is a gated community within another, highly regulated with 2 strictly manned entrances. Star Properties is a subsidiary of Silver Star Tower which specialize in high end service plots for individuals who want to build their “Star Home”, thus, their dream homes.

Recreational Areas, Facilities and Activities

Star Properties have 24/7 security presence, 2 community green parks for residents, lawn tennis and basketball court, Star lake with boats, pond Derry for irrigation purpose, covered gutters, fibre optic internet connection, tarred roads(future) and we seek to build good and firm community spirit within Star Properties.

24/7 Security

Luxury Homes

Gated Zone

Over 100 Plots

Development Options

Star Properties is your perfect Community for a Luxury Home

Star Home Back view backshot

Custom Homes

Prospective Homes Buyers may build a custom Home at Star Properties. This allows Home owner to Influence specifications and cost of House from the Onset. There will be a nominated architect and project will be developed by Advance Construction Ghana


Star Gardens

Star Garden is a Place of Leisure and relaxation. this is a Public Community area to socialize and meditate should need be. There may also be special and exclusive events held at the 3 Packs within the Community.

Star Home @ Star properties

Star Home

Star Home is Star Property’s first Luxury Home Development. Star Home is an Executive Luxury House with swimming pool and all modern SMART house features:

Specifications of Star Home

Star Home is an Executive Luxury House with swimming pool and all modern SMART house features:

Star Properties, Lakeside Estate, Community # 8, Accra North, Ghana.
Home features:
A. Area – House = 315 m2
B. Area – Plot = 93’X100’ = 835 m2
C. Four bedrooms
D. Washrooms 4.5
E. Modern Kitchen
F. Private den
G. Great Hall: earth-sky windows
H. Swimming pool & lounge
I. Expertly built landscape garden.

A. Remote controlled sliding vehicle gate.
B. Hikvision HDTV Security Cameras
C. Front Intercom
D. Security systems
E. Local Area Network (LAN)
Solar SystemA. 6,000 W Solar Panels by SPS.
B. Digital inverter of 8,000 W.
C. Changeover switch

Exclusive Gated Community with services:
A. Security
B. Garbage removal
C. Three parks and horticulture
D. Road maintenance & cleaning.
E. Street Lights- maintenance and cleaning.

Price: US$ 498,000.

Rules & Regulations

The following are municipal bye-laws enforceable at Star Properties, in the
Municipality of Adenta, in the Republic of Ghana. They are meant to promote
quality environment, safety and hygiene at Star Properties.

  1. Plots must be developed according to zoning designations(for example: one cannot build a store in a residential area even if the store is one room of the house).
  2. All building drawings shall be approved and adopted by Star Properties Architects before construction can commence.
  3. A plot not developed after two years shall be re-entered by Star Properties and the purchase price shall be refunded to the sub-lessee less any administrative charges.
  4. Where a sub-lessee intends to sell an undeveloped plot, Star Properties shall be given the first option to purchase the said plot.
  5. A plot may be resold or re-entered by Star Properties if left undeveloped for two or more years.
  6. Right of Entry or Security Pass must be presented to security at the main entrance.

7. Roads and pathways(sidewalks) must be kept clear.
8. Dumping of sand, stone, or other construction material is not allowed on road, pathways and public spaces.
9. Non-compliance with the above two rules may result in the confiscation of the above material and payment of penalty not exceeding USD 100.00
10. No mining of sand/stone from roads, or public property, otherwise it will be confiscated.
11. Leaseholders should maintain garden of property.

12. Leaseholders should service sewer lines and septic tanks connected to their property.
13. Leaseholders should not allow any tree, hedge, or other obstruction to obstruct sidewalk.
14. Leaseholders should maintain the fence wall and house on their property.
15. Leaseholders should maintain the same colours of their house on the exterior.
16. No kiosk, or other structures are allowed on public property.
17. No hawking or selling around in the Estate.
18. Selling on the street and walkways is not allowed.

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