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The Kalmoni group organization is a professional organization of sev­en independently run companies, made up of three automobile companies, three real estate companies and one ICT company.  Japan Motors Trading Compa­ny Limited was the first company of the seven to be established in 1965.  It grew out of a family motor vehicle, spare parts and transport business in Cape Coast and Swedru, called the “DATSON FRANCHISE”.  Over the years, the transport business served an important purpose, hence, it became obligatory for the Kalmoni fam­ily to extend their services to automobile business as well.

The growth of the Kalmoni group of com­panies from one company into seven dif­ferent companies was as a result of a solid vision which has helped shaped the future of the company. Through the years, these seven companies have grown in stature and status.  They include Japan Motors, Modern Auto Services, Silver Star Auto, Silver Star Tower, Lakeside Estate, Advanced Construc­tion and Oman Fofor Trading Company Lim­ited.

The major driving force behind the success and growth of the Kalmoni Group of compa­nies has always been the urgency to satisfy customer needs and good work ethics.  The Kalmonis believe in the vision of grooming employees to manage executive decisions.  Additionally, the Kalmonis have a very bal­anced life where they are able to clearly dis­tinguish between their social lives, spiritual lives and professional lives. In view of the continuous growth of the Kalmoni group of companies, the legacy is usually passed on from generation to generation and it must be noted that the constant upsurge of the companies has always been as a result of hardwork, discipline and commitment.


We are a team that believes hardwork and sincerity eventually pays off. As we launch this turning point, we celebrate 10 years of making an indelible difference in the lives of the populace. We are proud to say that SILVER STAR