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Construction History

Silver Star Tower (SST)


Ten (10) Storey with Basement

  • Height of 42 Meters
  • Underground parking of 40 vehicles (some converted to stores)
  • Over ground Parking of 160 vehicles
  • Three (3) lifts: Two (2) Common Lifts of 13 persons at 1.0m/s

One (1) Panoramic Lift of 8 persons at 0.8 m/s

Three (3) Gensets:

Two (2) 500 kVA CAT synchronized

One (1) 150 kVA (not synchronized)

Three (3) Water pumps: one (1) Duplex pump for portable water

One (1) Duplex pump for well water

One (1) Triplex pump for fire fighting

Security cameras with DVR capabilities

Security access control for Panoramic Lift, Basement, and Basement Parking

Communication Tower of 9.0 m height above roof


Fire rated doors and partitions

Fire fighting equipment

Fire detection system

RAFT foundation- resists higher earthquake events


Recycled well water

Energy Efficient Lighting- CFL and Electronic Chokes

Uses mini-central and split air conditioners instead of one central a/c.

Upgrading light to LED after 2015.


First building to be completed and occupied at the Airport City

Tallest panoramic lift in Accra with magnificent view

Architect-Design                                             Mr. Emil Ksayer

Architect-Supervising                                     Osei-Kufour, Sohne, & Partners

Quantity Surveyor                                           Dodo Consult

Consultant-Structural                                      Grid Consult

Structural Engineer                                         Eng. Ismat Oueidea

Project Manager                                              Mr. Salah Kalmoni

General Contractor (Civil)                              DeSimoni Ltd.

General Contractor (Finishing)                       Advance Construction & Dev’t Ltd.

Sub-Contractor-Electrical                               Sulana Electricals Ltd.

Sub-Contractor-Plumbing                               Prisca Plumbing Services Ltd.

Sub-Contractor-Air conditioning                    Delta Air conditioners

Sub-Contractor-Curtains Wall                        IDE Aluminium Systems Ltd.

Sub-Contractor-Fire fighting                          Yotek Enterprise

Suppliers-Lighting                                          F. Malawi Engineering Ltd-Philips Brand

Suppliers-Power                                             Tricord Ltd-MEM Brand

Suppliers-Lifts                                                CFAO- Otis Brand

Suppliers-GenSet                                            Mantract-caterpiller Brand

Suppliers-Cables                                             Nexus Cable Metal & Agenda Ltd.

Suppliers-Electrical                                        Control Altra Electricals-Custom Brand

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